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The Brink




June 2023


The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, UK

History teacher Nick is struggling. Working at an overstretched and under-resourced comprehensive, the teacher is plagued by a recurring nightmare which would have catastrophic consequences for the school. Can he find somebody to confide in before it’s too late? Brad Birch’s provocative, psychological thriller will leave you teetering on the edge of reality.

"Daniel Preciado’s direction ensured a high tempo for the full 90-minutes..."
-StageTalk Magazine, ★★★★

Photos by Craig Fuller

Starring: Samuel Bell, Mira Edirisingha, Ellie Jack, and Tommy McAteer

Director: Daniel Preciado
Designer: Marta Sitarz
Stage Manager: Jacob Clear
Deputy Stage Manager: Jocelyn Chen
Assistant Stage Manager: Kacey Purnell
Lighting Designer & Operator: Marcus Jarman
Sound Designer & Operator: Ebony Hayes
Voice Coach: Anthony Yammine
Costume Supervisor & Breakdown Artist: Rosie Gayner
Prop Supervisor: Sally Strong
Prop Makers: Ellie Gendall, Raph Hampton, Em South, Nancy Strahan, Abbie Williams
Construction Manager: Jude Fulwood
Construction Assistants: Daisy Anthony, Tom Barge, Alice Boal, Pat Heys, Esther McDonald-McLuckie, Beth Selvage

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