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As You Like It


Assistant Director


February 2023


Malcolm X Centre, Bristol, UK

Banished by her power-hungry uncle, a disguised Rosalind - and her cousin Celia - find solace in the Forest of Arden, which is occupied by a bohemian community of New Age Travellers led by Rosalind's father, Duke Senior. The forest provides a magical playground for self-exploration and transformation, where its inhabitants are liberated from an establishment intent on cracking down on free parties and rave culture.

Set against a backdrop of post-Thatcherism and accompanied by a throbbing acid house soundtrack, Shakespeare’s poetic and punchy ode to love and identity is transformed by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Directed by Katie Bonna
Assistant Directors: Daniel Preciado & Monica Silkenas
Set Designer: Chen Chen
Costume Designer: Yifan Zhang
Voice & Dialect Coach: Joe Leat
Assistant Voice & Dialect Coach: Anthony Yammine
Production Manager: Steve O’Brien
Assistant Production Manager: Maisy Harbert
Stage Manager: Hannah Lipton
DSM: Lara-Louise Jones
ASM: Tom Barge
LX Designer: Ziva Bucer
Production LX: Ziva Bucer, Tom Barge
LX Op: Ziva Bucer
Sound Op: Lara-Louise Jones
Prop Making Supervisor: Lola O’Donoghue
Prop Makers: Emily South
Construction Manager: Jude Fullwood with support from Lewis Bamford
Construction Assistants: Ziva Bucer, Jocelyn Chen, Jacob Clear, Tommy Karolyi, Muir McFadden, Lisa Viel-Vigneron
Costume Supervisor: Bethany Boldero
Costume Assistants: Ava Harker, Bessy Mo, Lasya Purohoit, Rosie Gayner
Costume Makers: Arthur Wyatt, Charly Riddett, Jo Kenney, Kim White

Orlando: Noah Lukehurst
Oliver/Sir Oliver Martext/Duke Senior’s 1st Lord: Jamie Murphy
Adam/Hymen: Tumi Olufawo
Rosalind: Alyssa Thabisile Sibanda
Celia: Isobel Twist
Touchstone: Roux Waite
Duke Frederick/Duke Senior’s 2nd Lord: Nuhazet Diaz Cano
Corin: Kenan Vurgun
Duke Senior: Jesse Cescatti-McFarlane
Audrey/Charles: Nadia Kamalli
Le Beau/Amiens: Olivia Hemmati
Jacques: Joseph Stanley
Phoebe/Duke Frederick’s 1st Lord: Arabella Smith-James
Silvius: Fletcher Garrard

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