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In The Heights


Assistant Director


July 2022


National Theatre of Panama, Panama City, Panama

Usnavi, a first-generation Dominican-American corner bodega owner, and his friends and family are dealing with the pressures of rising rents and closing neighborhood businesses. As one family struggles to figure out how to pay for an Ivy League tuition for their brilliant and hard-working daughter, a young woman is trying to put a down payment on a new apartment, and Usnavi himself is trying to get back to the Dominican Republic to reconnect with his roots after the death of his parents. In Washington Heights, community is everything, and we see how each of these individuals struggles to survive and how these same individuals come together as a community to mourn their losses and rejoice in their triumphs.

Presented in the National Theatre of Panama (Teatro Nacional de Panama)

Director: Malky Zebede
Acting Coach: Juliette Roy
Asst. Director: Daniel Preciado
Asst. Producer: Marlane Salazar
Choreographer: Eileen De Icaza
Musical Director: Dino Nugent
Lighting Designer: Cesar Robles
Costume Designer: Jaime Avila
Prop Designer: Raisa de Alba
Sound Designer: Giulio Jimenez
Set Designer: Rafa Navarro
Community Manager: Mafe Ardila

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